We manufacture the most extensive "mission critical" product line in the industry, from small coolers to the largest cooling units in engine-driven, electric motor-driven and hydraulic motor-driven configurations.

Our Model EH is the most widely used, engine-driven cooler in the world. This compact, unitized cooler combines engine and compressor cooling in a single unit. It's designed to deliver unrivaled performance and durability in the compressed natural gas industry.

The original horizontal coil and multiple vertical fan cooler, our Model F is the ideal solution for high-horsepower, engine-driven applications.

A skid-mounted, horizontal cooler used in a variety of applications, the Model H is an ideal unit for gas compression, lube oil cooling and process cooling.

The Model VI is a vertical discharge, induced-draft, engine or elect motor-driven cooler.

A slim-profile, vertical cooler, the Model VV is a cost-efficient solution for low-horsepower gas, water and lube oil cooling.

Our Model Z and Hammco units are a bolt-together horizontal coolers designed for high-horsepower and high specification applications.