Model Z and Hammco

Our Model Z and Hammco units are a bolt-together horizontal coolers designed for high-horsepower and high specification applications.

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HAXC Model Z
  • Fan diameters from 48" to 204".
  • Electric motor or hydraulic-drive configurations.
  • Single- and multi-fan.
  • Forced or induced draft.
  • Typical compression HP: 500-10,000.
  • Increased intake area for more flexible siting.
  • Suitable for installation on subcolumns or skids.
  • Unique design fits most typical pipe-rack mounts.
  • Bolt-together design allows for optional field assembly.
  • Design allows increased fan deck clearance for easier drive maintenance.
  • New Stice Drive – standard: Advanced drive system for improved cooler performance and reduced fan and drive component wear.
Industries Served

Critical to the ongoing operations and success of a variety of sectors within the energy industry, our air-cooled heat exchanger solutions are engineered to meet the demands of any operation. So, whether you’re a Packager, an EPC, or an End User, we have a product to fit your needs.  

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