Model EH

Our Model EH is the most widely used, engine-driven cooler in the world. This compact, unitized cooler combines engine and compressor cooling in a single unit. It's designed to deliver unrivaled performance and durability in the compressed natural gas industry.

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Model EH
  • Fan diameters from 24" to 168".
  • Engine drive and electric motor drive configurations.
  • Typical compression HP: 100-2,000.
  • This compact, unitized cooler combines engine and compressor cooling in a single unit.
  • The unique sloped section arrangement provides greater cooling capacity within a given plot area and reduces packaging costs by minimizing the cooler footprint.
  • Forced-draft design moves cool air through the unit, resulting in lower fan horsepower requirements and higher efficiency.
  • Plenum design, adjustable shutters and/or fixed turning vanes are integral to the design and help guide airflow through the cooler, improving exit air velocity and reducing air recirculation.
  • Vertical discharge minimizes the effects of wind variation and location of adjacent equipment.
  • Rotating components are located in the cool air stream of the cooler, promoting longer life, ease of visual inspection and safer maintenance.
  • Optional Model EH Integrated Shipping design to reduce shipping height and transport costs.
Industries Served

Critical to the ongoing operations and success of a variety of sectors within the energy industry, our air-cooled heat exchanger solutions are engineered to meet the demands of any operation. So, whether you’re a Packager, an EPC, or an End User, we have a product to fit your needs.  

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